Franka Soeria


Born in Jakarta-Indonesia and currently living in Istanbul-Turkey, Franka called herself as the global fashion networker. With a background in fashion journalism of major media in Indonesia- NOVA, she rapidly express the positioning of the modest fashion industry and affects its development in the country. An advocate of the vast global talent in this industry, Franka is known as the global bridge of modest fashion community. Franka is a key founding member of major fashion events in Southeast Asia and a global consultant to international brands. In Turkey she is the International Relations Manager of and Co-Founder of She currently also serves as Deputy PR for Indonesian Fashion Chamber and involved with national projects in Indonesia. Franka has been featured in many media including Yahoo, Ozy, Kompas, Nova, Haberler, Sondakika, Noor Magazine and RTV.

Rabia Z


Özlem Şahin represents herself as a fashion entrepreneur. After her industrial engineering bachelor degree, she is selected for ''Visionary Leadership Program for Turkey'' which is held in Firenze, Italy. After that she worked in marketing and strategy department for corporate companies like, DeFacto… she decided to focus on fashion industry as an entrepreneur. Özlem, was the coordinator the first online hijab show in the world, 2013 which reaches 300k online audiences. Currently, she is the founder of; e-commerce start up and creativity concept agency for fashion brands. Monostilo likes to combine offline and online projects with holistic thinking and continuously searching about what's next for the fashion and digital industry. She has a fashion film called ''Red Coincidence'' which was shoot by Elle Turkey and created many projects for Elele, Marie Clarie, Cosmopolitan Mag.